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Update – August 30

Adventist Community Services (ACS) has been asked by a number of emergency managers to deliver some of the products we have been preparing and stocking in semi-trailers from the ACS Depot in Keene, Texas. On the morning of August 28, a truck left for San Antonio to deliver clothes, hygiene kits and other needed items. Many of the residents housed in the San Antonio shelter were evacuated from Houston, where dirty flood waters forced them out of their homes. Shelter management requires those residing there to shower and have a clean change of clothing before they can enter the shelter. The ACS trailer arrived later in the afternoon to begin distribution of clothes in all sizes for the thousands that had need.

The work also continues in the city of Houston. ACS has been asked to manage a warehouse for the city.

Emotional and spiritual care providers will be ready in the next couple days to deploy to the flood-ravaged area for two weeks. These individuals will be assigned to work out of shelters that have been set up around the state.

ACS is forming a resource and needs listing that will be used over the next few days to determine how to support the local efforts. ACS recognizes that the efforts to support individuals, families and children will be long term, and we’re preparing for the long run.

Relevant: What does it mean to be a Christian today?

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September 1 – Dr. Ruth Chung, one of our church Elders will be our speaker.

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September 16 – Youth Sabbath. Pastor Mikey Minimo will be our special guest speaker.